Thursday, July 4, 2013

{Fourth Festivities} ❤

this year for the fourth, we took a weekend trip down South to visit Poppa & GiGi!

They took us to the local fourth celebration in town, it was good ol' fashioned fun!

our 'Fourth Fashion' mani!

So I don't know why, but I just do not have the best luck when it comes to things...
we hadn't been at the park for more than 5 minutes when I happened to look down and saw my whole foot covered in ants... which resulted in this...

At least it matched the color scheme for the day!

Prissy Pants patiently awaiting the start of the Fourth Festivities! 


She LOVED the bouncy-jump house!
She turned into a Jumping Queen!

And then we visited the local Police Department booth...

*Second picture... Prissy Pants sitting in the driver seat of the Police Car!
That's Officer Prissy Pants! :)

Her little PD badge face paint sticker didn't last for more than 10 minutes, 
before she had it completely all off!

And then it was time for the fab FIREWORK show!

It was a fun and fab little fourth outing, minus the ant attack! ha

Hope everyone had a fab fourth!


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