Friday, April 8, 2011

so today was not such a good day!
it was like having the "mean reds" times 100!
{{BAT reference}}
Something about Fridays... I guess!
{{the last 4 Friday's have not been the best for me}}

Maybe I need a trip to Tiffany's!

First on my "TO DO List" 
was to meet up with a Bride at Starbucks.
nothing complicated- just had to give her a bag full of things 
I put together for her guests for their "Welcome" bags.
And catching up over some coffee!
I HATE being late- so I made sure to get myself and Miss Priss ready early.
I gave her a bath and had her clothes laid out, with accessories and everything!
Got her dressed, but didn't put her shoes on her... I kept them off to the side.
{{BIG mistake}}

With 10 minutes before I had to leave- her shoes had disappeared!
And it's not like she can really answer my "Where did you put your shoes?"  question just yet!
So after spending too much time running around the house and looking in all of her "hiding" spots, 
I just grabbed another pair of pink shoes for her!
By the time I got her new pair of shoes on her and her all buckled in- we were already 3 minutes late.
{{and it takes 4 minutes just to get out of our neighborhood}}
AND of course, I got stopped at every single light!
 We arrived a little over 10 minutes late!
 {{uuugh! I felt SO bad!}}

After our little meet up and "drop off", I then had  a meeting to go to at 3:30.
{{not wedding or Bride related at all}}
I had over 45 minutes to spare!
Since I had never been to this place before, I decided to just go then, 
Kenley was already taking a nap in the backseat.

Can I just say I HATE mapquest!

I never made it to my destination!

I did meet a lot of friendly people, while trying to get help on where to go!
{{and it is so much harder stopping to get direction help when you have a little one!}}

As I call to let them know I am not making it on time,
I get stuck with a recording and hours of them closing at 4 today!
apparently they close early on Friday's!

I ended up pressing the number for directions
 and the first thing I hear is....
 Mapquest directions are not correct!

again.... AWESOME!

So glad the lady chose to not tell me that when I confirmed my appointment on Wednesday!

SO I just gave up,
and went and got Kenley a "happy meal" for being such a good girl for Mommy!
{{she woke up on my second trip to a gas station to ask for "direction" help!}}

While sitting through the drive-thru I was SO wishing they had "happy meals" for adults too!
maybe instead of a toy, they could give a martini, or a gps?

NO more Mapquest using for me!
I'm going to get the "gps" out of the box and learn how to use it!
{{maybe over a martini!}}

HOPE everyone else had a better Friday than mine!

and if not, it's after 5 now! 
{{as my friend reminded me when I was telling her of my oh so wonderful day!}}



***P.S.  I found where Miss Prissy pants put her shoes... 
Guess where....
in the cat's bed... I guess she thought "Angel" needed them- 
or maybe she was just trying to make her a fashionable kitty cat?

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