Monday, April 25, 2011

EASTER ♥ {{part I}}

{{the Gift Baskets}}

We woke up Easter morning to go
see what the Easter Bunny had left for Miss Priss!

{{really long with LOTS of pictures!}}

 He definitely made note that she LOVES the color PINK!
{{what a smart Bunny he is!}}

a pink TuTu, pink pearl necklace & bracelet, 
white gloves with pink bows, & pink bunny slippers! 

pink pearl necklace & bracelet with white bows!
a pink TUTU!

Bunny ears & cotton tail!

white gloves adorned with pink with white polka dot bows 
a matching clutch!

 Bunny Slippers!

pink Bunny bag with bath essentials!

 & a hand mitten for Mommy!

 Hair Accessories!

little scrunchies, & clips in a ballet slipper!

little pink & hot pink 
sequin butterfly scrunchies!

an adorable little lamb pezz dispenser with a pink bow!

 hot pink bendable bunny!

chirping chick 
with pink & white bunny ears and pink bow!

Princess bracelet!


 book full of Princess Stories!

Kitty Cat book!
{{reminded me of  'Angel'}}

Coloring Books!

 Daisy & Minnie Mouse!

had to get this one, b/c the bear is wearing a TUTU!

Pool Toys!

Princess "Surf Rider"

Princess "Bubble Wand"

Princess "Splash Balls"

 "Mirror, Mirror..."


 the CANDY basket!

Strawberry Lollipops!

Vanilla Marshmallow Bunny Lollipop!

Egg full of ring lollipops!

purse with candy!


 Hot Pink Bunny Peeps! 


'Mommy & Me' matching aprons!

Her first "Cinderella" toys... 
for cooking & cleaning!

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