Thursday, April 28, 2011

the BIG two FIVE!

okay so it's official...
I'm now a quarter of a century OLD!

and you know what?
I don't really feel any older or any different!

SO on my first day of being 25,
I'm writing a list of things I want to do before my next BIG birthday {{30}}
{{30 Things To DO Before I'm 30}}

Once I have it finished, I'll post it up!

Hope everyone is having a FABULOUS Thursday!

*also I'd like to just say that my heart, thoughts, & prayers
are with everyone who has been effected by this crazy weather yesterday!
Stories of just what this storm did is heartbreaking!

I'm so thankful that my cousin, who was a student at University of Alabama,
had just recently decided to transfer back home and go to UCF instead!
So having this come close to my family,
I can only imagine what others are going through with their family members and loved ones being there.
SO SO sad!


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