Thursday, April 28, 2011

30 before 30

My LIST of 30 Things To DO before I'm 30...

1.) Watch ALL Movies Audrey Hepburn starred in
2.) Join a Cause & Donate {{money or time, or both}}
3.) Go to a 'Karaoke Bar' & Sing a song!
4.) Invent a Cocktail
5.) Spend an obscene amount of money on something I've always wanted
6.) Become an Owner {{business, property, etc.}}
7.) Design & Make an Outfit
8.) Cook a 4-course Dinner
9.) Help Someone who is less fortunate
10.) Adopt a pet
11.) Bake something delicious {{from scratch}}
12.) Take a RoadTrip
13.) Forgive someone who has done me wrong
14.) Tell someone how I truly feel about them
15.) Document a  week of 'My Life' {{through blog with pictures, or video}}
16.) Create a 'Reading List' & read all the books on it
17.) Re-Create the "Julie & Julia" Cooking Project
{{complete 524 recipes in 365 days}}
18.) Find a Vintage piece {{furniture}} and bring it back to life
19.) Start a 'Quote Book' - book of quotes I LOVE!
20.) Invent Something {{big or small}}
21.) Hand-write a LOVE letter & seal it in a bottle and drop into the ocean!
22.) Have a Picnic in a Park
23.) Go to Tiffany's & Ask for something for $10
24.) Write a 'Want List' & 'Wish List'
25.) Watch a 'Movie in the Park'
26.) POP & Drink Champagne for no reason at all
27.) Start a 'Savings Account' 
28.) Make & Complete a list of 30 Dessert Recipes
{{I'm a HORRIBLE "Baker" & would LOVE to change that}}
29.)  Go on a 'Wine Tasting'
30.) Celebrate the last night of my "20's" in style!

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