Monday, April 25, 2011

EASTER Weekend Wrap Up!

First & Foremost,
I hope everyone had an amazing Easter!

Our Easter this year was a bit different,
We  did not attend a service this year.
{{I know, tisk! tisk!}}

Kenley woke up a bit sick
{{allergies, so she had the runny nose and watery eyes and sniffles!}}

 SO we just stayed home and made the best of it.

She of course LOVED her gifts from the Easter Bunny,
the candy too!

She was a total pro at hunting for her Easter eggs!
She held her Easter basket like a purse- my favorite part!

I think Easter might be her favorite,
she is a bit obsessed with EGGS...
so she was happy that eggs were involved all throughout the day!
{{& that she got to eat some too}}

pictures following...


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