Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Spring is OFFICIALLY here!

Although, it seems like we skipped Spring and jumped right into Summer here in FL!
 {{seriously, it's been 90 here- these are the days when I want to move!}}

Miss Priss & I did a little Easter shopping this weekend!
So combined with the weekend before shopping and now this weekends... 
I'm pretty much done with her Easter basket goodies!

 The only bad part of having things now- I tend to give her some of the goodies before it's time!
{{I do this every holiday- before Christmas she got her little Cinderella doll, before her Birthday she got her little stroller and cradle for her baby dolls, & before for Valentine's day she got her V-day bear!}}

So far, she's only gotten one... a little cell phone!
{which isn't that big of a deal- she already has 5! BUT this one is PINK!}

okay now on to the pictures of the goodies...

Miss Priss already has an Easter basket, but I couldn't resist this one.
maybe this one will be used for when she goes "Egg Hunting"!
I'm sure I'll be adding to it though!

I know! I know....that's a WHOLE lotta pink!  :)



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