Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday with Margarita's

{{they make Monday's so MUCH better!}}

pictures while out having a "Girls" lunch with Nonna...

Miss Prissy pants fell asleep during the car ride to the restaurant!

she slept through the first half of our lunch.

and Yes, she is still using her "baby" car seat!
I haven't gotten her a "Big Girl" car seat yet
b/c my Prissy pants is rather on the teeny tiny side and still has yet to reach the 25lb mark!

People are always shocked to hear how old she is... they assume she's 6 to 9 months old! ha

anyways... back to the pictures...

Once she was UP she was ready for lunch!

{{eating some of Mommy's & Nonna's lunch before hers arrived}}

 {{having some milk, no margarita for Miss Priss, 
through a straw b/c Mommy forgot to pack the sippy cup}}

 {{chicken & tater tots}}

Prissy Pants LOVES to people watch...

and at times it can become a bit embarrassing- she'll just stare & stare!

and then it was time for COLORING!

It was fun having a girls lunch, I LOVED every minute of it,
I think Kenley did too!


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