Monday, March 28, 2011

Not Me Monday


{{confession session}}

*I did not gain 5lbs. over the weekend for celebrating my Mom's birthday with cake, red velvet cupcakes and ice cream! NO, Not Me!

*I did not buy my Mom a card that "Poppa Chip" had bought her last year... OOPS! No, Not Me!

*I did not take my daughter to my first meeting with a Bride yesterday... No, Not Me!
{{it was a just a walk through of her venue}}
Although, now, Kenley is now officially a "Chic Girl"! :)
*I did not have a mini "Happy Hour" {{although 1 margarita each doesn't really count for H.H.}}
with Nonna yesterday for lunch at our favorite Mexican place (but Mexican food just doesn't taste as good without a margarita with it!) :)
... No, Not Me!
{{pictures of Miss Priss at lunch coming soon- 
I HAD to take pictures of the first time she sat in a highchair while out eating!}}
YES, I am "that" Mother who takes pictures too many pictures of things like this!



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