Friday, March 25, 2011

FASHION Friday ♥

"fashion fades, but style, friends & family remain"

okay so I added the "friends & family" part to Chanel's quote...
I had to tie in fashion & family somehow!

Today is my Mother's Birthday... 
as some of you may know from the post below!

So I dressed my little Prissy pants up
did a mini "photo shoot" for Nonna!

my favorite picture that I got ....

this one I just had to share,
 she looks like such the little girl in this on to me!
{I LOVE it & hate it all at the same time}

My Prissy pants destroying my prop...

{{Happy Birthday}}

oh I LOVE my Prissy pants... even if she destroys things!
besides, she gives her "cute face" now, 
when she knows she has done something she wasn't suppose to!

Which is NOT a good thing, for me!
I melt and instantly forget the No!No! she did!

How do they learn this stuff so early?!


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