Monday, March 14, 2011

Not Me Monday

{{confession session}}

*I have not been neglecting HH's & HB's... No, not me!

*I am not a bad blogger... No, not me!

*I have not been neglecting/ losing myself... in the sense that my hair is in need of coloring
{{serious coloring- I've got like 5inch roots going on & it ain't cute}}... No, not me!

*I did not have a matching lunch with Kenley today which consisted of:
mac n' cheese and chicken fingers... No, not me!

*I am not putting spaces between these so it looks like I've typed out a lot... No, not me!

*guess what I am not totally excited for tonight???
{{or well tomorrow, when I'll actually watch it w/out all the commercials}}
{{Pretty Little Liars, for those of you who aren't fans}}

Happy Monday!


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