Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Blog Posts... ♥

a list of the weekly posts I'll do...

((starting on Sunday))

"Not Me Monday" -
a post where I'll share embarrassing things that I have not been doing 
(it's a hit post in the blog world apparently-
& I had no other ideas for Monday)
'To Do List Tuesday'
every Tuesday & Thursday
is my 'catch up' day of the week!
'SHOES-day Tuesday' (via 'Chic Talk')
'Wordless Wednesday'
a NO words post, just a picture!
'To Do List Thursday'
((things that didn't get done on Tuesday))
'FASHION Friday' 
I'll share my little fashionita's style of the week! :)
'Shop with Me Saturday'
I'll share good finds and sales
I'll just share pictures of mine & Miss Prissy pants shopping spree's!
'Scripture Sunday'
I'll share a favorite scripture of mine!

Along with these 'scheduled'  posts- 
I'll  still do just regular posts too!
I just like the idea of these catchy posts
it will help me to not neglect HH's & HB's again!


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