Tuesday, January 11, 2011

*11* Months ♥

in just about 40 minutes from now you will officially be 11 months old!
((on 1-11-11!))
I can not believe that next month will be your birthday,
you will be ONE!
I wish I could slow this whole 'growing up right before my eyes' thing down a bit!

BUT since I can't...

                                               Here's a little bit of what you've been up to...

*You usually start your days at 7 A.M.
-although yesterday morning you were up and ready to go at 5:30 A.M.!
Mommy does not like those mornings- and really really misses when you weren't a morning girl!
*You still are taking 2 naps throughout the day
(first at 11 & second at 3-4)
lastly from 1 to 2 hours!
*Bedtime is 8 P.M.
*Bottles: 3 to 4 a day
*Clothes: mostly 6-9, & some 9-12
*Diapers: 3
*Shoes: 3 & a 4 in boots!
*Teeth: 2 on bottom 
and just yesterday your first tooth on top FINALLY came through!
any day or hour your second will be through too!
*You pretty much eat what Mommy does...
You LOVE Chicken- you could have it every day & night, if I let you!
favorite snacks: cucumber (dipped in ranch dressing), goldfish,  
you still love puffs & 'lil' crunchies (Gerber snack) in flavors: 
cheese, garden tomato, & maple syrup
*You are walking and sometimes running, Yes, running! 
*You still get into EVERYTHING!
*You LOVE to destroy
have issues with the pillows staying on the couches
it apparently drives you CRAZY & you must and always throw them off onto the floor!
*You LOVE purses!
taking EVERYTHING out of them!
*You 'give love' and kisses and wave "bye bye"
*You say: "by by" - bye bye  "ba ba" - bottle
"ba ba ba", 
"Poppa", & "Momma" (only when crying or cranky though)
*You touch your ears, head, & mouth when I ask you where they are!
(you do your mouth trick instead of touching your lips)
we are working on your nose & toes!
*You LOVE your babies
give them kisses!
*You are still dancing anytime you hear music- even when we are in stores! ;)
*You HATE: having socks on... 
the day has come where you have learned to take off your headbands!!! :(
I still put them on you!
*You have all kinds of faces you make now... & I LOVE them all!
*You love when Mommy brushes your teeth before bedtime
you hold your toothbrush and try to do it yourself!
*You love PHONES... the house phone, & cell phones...
anytime it rings you get SO excited!
and you've even called Nonna a few times when I've let you play with it! ha
*You LOVE the dishwasher... 
I'm not really sure why, but whenever I am loading or unloading you are always right there!
you love the pantry... 
mostly when you are taking things out... 
you always go straight for the chocolate...
that's my girl! :)

another monthly post has come and gone
for next months you'll be ONE!

You have made my life complete!
I can't even remember my life before you...
((although I do think I had more sleep & less dark circles)) :)
it's all worth it at the end of the day when I lay you down and watch you sleep
you have my heart,  
I love you more than any words could ever say...
yesterday, today, & tomorrow too!

{{it's IMPOSSIBLE to get a decent picture of my Miss Prissy pants these days}}
{{so this is what all I got...}}

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