Monday, January 24, 2011

"NOT ME" Monday!

My FIRST "NOT ME" post!
I'm so super uber excited about this... 
NOT! :)
here I go anyways....

(a little story before my NOT ME's)
Today Kenley & I went shopping with Nonna!
Now, this can be a bit dangerous because
we can do some serious damage 
(to the credit debit cards)
damage we did!
I think, we broke a record today!
(a shopping record that is)
We stopped at one of mine & Nonna's favorite stores...
I'm just crazy about this store!
(Thanks Momma) :)

We went in for just a pair of shoes ...
  hours, yes HOURS 
later came out with an insane number of bags and more than just a pair of shoes!
We went a bit crazy, 
BUT the deals were unbelievable!
Dresses for $3!!!!
Yes you read right, THREE dollars!
I felt bad for the fitting room lady when she saw our buggies!
I should have taken a picture.
(yes I call carts buggies... it's a Southern thing)
But needless to say we had so much fun!

OH and I had a proud Mommy moment...
I let Kenley down, to walk... and guess where she went?
straight to the SHOES!
Yup, she is definitely my daughter!!! :)
on the way there... riding with Nonna... we were of course listening to some Jovi...
and my little Prissy pants was rocking out in her carseat! 
TWO of the BEST moments today!
(plus the deals we got!)

okay now, finally, to my NOT ME's ....

I did not go shopping in my favorite store for FOUR hours, no, NOT ME!
I did not give up on trying things on ( b/c my child got bored in the dressing room ).. and just hold the clothes up to me instead & tried imagining if they would fit, no, NOT ME!
I did not need help with the 6+ bags ((& carrying my child)), no, NOT ME!
I did not get so exhausted & actually shopped til I dropped, no, NOT ME!

HOPE everyone's Monday was as good as ours!


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