Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today Prissy Pants had a check up
with lots of shots
(b/c she's a bit behind)

I've been dreading this since I made the appointment,
and I felt SO bad today while getting her ready, knowing what was going to happen! :(

BUT she surprised me, first shot she didn't even cry, 
I teared up and was on the verge of crying, but she handled it like a PRO!

Then we moved on to the leg shots...
again the first shot, no crying...
however the second shot, prompted tears and crying...
and the third brought on screaming and more tears!
it was HORRIBLE!
WORST part of being a Parent!
at least I didn't cry this time, I was on the verge of joining her though, but stayed strong!

and then got my baby girl dressed as fast as I could and we got the you know whatta outta there!

I told her since she was such a brave and good girl, we would get ice cream...
but upon leaving, she fell asleep! :(

After her little nap, we took a trip to her second favorite place...

the best part... they forgot my drink and I had to wait, 
so the guy gave me a card for a free drink for my next visit!


{{playing while waiting for her DR}}

{{reading some books}}

{{look who we found... OSCAR!}}

{{getting Mommy's purse}}

{{ready to go!}}

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