Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Days of THANKS {{day 7}}

I'm Thankful for sweet moments with my Prissy Pants!

moments I consider as "Sweet Moments...

*whenever she gives me kisses 
*gives me hugs
*pats my back as she gives me a hug
*watching movies together
*having shopping days
*having a "Diva Day" with her (a spa day)
*watching her be a "Mommy" to her baby dolls
*watching her learn and grow
*watching her giving her Nonna "love" (kisses)
*whenever she says a new word
*watching her interact with other children
*watching her dance
*watching her face when she gets excited over seeing a dog (real or fake)
*blowing kisses 
*painting her toes
*when she says "YAY"
*when she says "Momma"
*laying down and taking naps together (these are pretty far and few now days)
*whenever she "helps" Mommy with the dishwasher
*whenever she puts on her "make up"
*whenever she walks around in my heels or shoes!
*whenever she carries around purses- or anything she feels could be a purse!
*"talking" on the phone
*the way she knows how to operate and use my phone (sometimes better than me I think)
*our little walks around the neighborhood
*our "girl talks"
*the time before she goes "night night" and I lay with her and in the "big girl" bed in her room

I'm sure I'm leaving out a ton, because there are many times throughout the day when she does something,
 I just stop and take a minute to make it a "Sweet Moment"!

I LOVE my little Miss Priss and watching her become such a little girl!

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