Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days of THANKS {{day 10}}

I'm Thankful for my big sister!

(again, I know I already did one on "Family & Friends", but she deserves her own as well)

Through the years we've been really close and then we've drifted apart,
but thankfully we have reconnected our bond and we are at our strongest we've ever been at I feel!

Sisters, like Mothers & Daughters, relationships can be hard at times.
I feel now that we are both "grown" and are both "Mommies"- we have been able to truly be friends again,
I'm LOVING every minute of it!

Being a "little sister", I have ALWAYS looked up to her, and too, there have been times of jealously- being 5 years apart tends to complicate things- especially whenever your in Middle School and all the boys LOVE your older sister whose in High School! :)
(it's a weird feeling, b/c while you are "proud" it kind of stings too)

I guess you can just call it "growing pains", but we are now at a place where I feel if we had to go through all of the petty stuff in the past to be where we are at today, then I wouldn't change a thing and I'd do it all again!

I LOVE my big sister, and Prissy Pants LOVES her "Auntie Jenn Jenn"

and at times, I promise she is her mini me!

*blue eyes

*a lefty

*always into EVERYTHING {{Jenn is infamous for all of the things she got into as a child}} :)

*at times she even looks like her when she was her age
(especially when she was a baby... at Easter- it was pretty weird- I felt I was holding my sister!)

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