Sunday, July 3, 2011

Red, White, and

(as in hot glue)

Yes, that's right, I've been getting crafty with the hot-glue-gun 
getting things ready for the 4th!

 pictures of some of my hgg work...
(hgg- hot-glue-gun)

first I decided to add to a Tar-jay find...
(down their $1 aisle)
a little Patriotic hat for Prissy pants


(I didn't really take a 'before' picture- so I just turned it to the back side)


{{red, white, and blue satin bows with a rhinestone center & white feather}}

next- another Tar-jay find
little white buckets with cut-out dot stars

just added red, white, & blue ribbon bows to each!

a patriotic headband

and lastly Miss Priss' outfit

(with hat)

(with bloomers)


didn't do much- just kept it simple and added red satin bows!

now all that is missing is it being worn by my blue-eyed girl!

with LOVE,

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