Monday, July 25, 2011

NOT Me Monday

{{confession session}}

*In honor of 'National TEQUILA Day', yesterday, I celebrated... with a margarita...
that may have taken me over 2 hours to finish... NO, Not Me!

*I was a total RHNJ  (Real Housewives of New Jersey) 
junkie last night and stayed up to watch the new episode and then also the 
WWHL (Watch What Happens Live) show too... ohh NO, Not Me!

*I'm ADDICTED to RHNJ- I just can't help it!
((actually to all of the Real Housewives))

Yes, that's right, Hi, I'm Alisha and I'm...

OH and TONIGHT is the RHONY Reunion Show... and all I gotta say type is...

here's a 'sneak peek' at tonight's reunion!

that's it for today...

have a fabulous-filled Monday!

with LOVE,

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