Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A day in the LIFE

of Miss Priss and Mine's
typical day out


Went to the World of Scary people place, also known as, Wal-Mart!
 {{I know this might sound a bit snobbish of me, but if you visited ours, you would understand}}

I normally try to stay away from this place, at all costs, but Nonna just LOVES her some Wal-Mart
{{I blame our Southern Roots}}
and we had went with her a few weekends ago and I had picked up something I needed to exchange

on our ride over to this lovely shopping experience place {{insert sarcasm now}}
my little Prissy pants decided this was a great time to take her afternoon nap!
SO not wanting to wake her, I left her in her seat, and grabbed a buggy {{or cart, for some of you}}
and put her in the back!
And, OF COURSE, I had to get the LOUDEST one available... 
you know- the kind where the wheels are all messed up and it makes it really really loud, 
where people stare at you- YES, leave it to me to get that one!

SO anyways... 
we make it inside, and I go straight to their "Customer Service"
b/c I wanted to exchange a potty I had picked up a few weeks before 
{{I know, she's only 17 months old- but it's never to early to introduce it, I believe!}}
- when I opened it up it had a huge black mark on it!
I, of course, did not have my receipt- but I wanted to exchange it anyways  for a mark-free one!
{{which I told the guy, and he looked at me like seriously? it's just a potty!}}

SO the guy told me to go pick out a new one,
so back to the baby department I went, with my LOUD and obnoxious buggy!

As I went to pick out a new {{unmarked}} potty for the Princess- in PINK, of course!
I noticed all the NEW ones they now had... OF COURSE!
{{SO my luck!}}

SO empty-handed I went all the way back to the front of the store,
and told him "change of plans"- 
I would just like store credit now! 

Prissy Pants was still sleeping- not sure how she didn't wake up from the buggy?
{{when she is out she is OUT!}}
SO I had to pick up a few MUST haves... coffee, Goldfish for Miss Priss!

The ONLY thing I like about the W-Mart,
they have a McDonald's inside!
SO I thought I'd get my sleeping beauty a 'Happy Meal'
apparently everyone else had the same idea too- 
people were seriously lined up almost to the front entrance of the store!

SO I opted to just leave and drive to one!

I of course, chose the McDonald's that was experiencing technical difficulties with their drive-thru service
SO they had a girl standing out taking orders-
this rushed me and I ended up ordering the wrong thing 
{{I discovered this upon getting home and opening up my DOUBLE quarter pounder instead of a single}}
I seriously won't need to eat again for a week!
I opted for one of their yummy coffee drinks, instead of a coke!
{{NO worries Starbucks- you are still my #1}}

Pulled up to the window to pay- and paid with cash, and the lady handed me this back...

YES, those are all ONE's!
THANKS M'D's- Now when I go to use cash for something I'm going to feel like a stripper! ha

SO anyways...
we make it home, and my little Prissy pants wakes up on que and is happy to wake up to a 
'Happy Meal'

I catch up on emails, after eating and leave my coffee on the table...
BIG, BIG, BIG mistake!

my little cookie coffee monster!

My little Coffee-Lovin' daughter stayed up LATE
BUT thankfully, Disney had a 'Movie Night'
So we ended our night in bed watching "Finding Nemo"!

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