Friday, December 3, 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!


Kenley's Christmas tree...

and with the lights on...

and some close ups...

                                              silver-glittered heels with some marabou & bling!

                                                            snowflake with some bling!

                                                     snowflake with some bling & marabou!

mini chandelier

 the TOP!

silver-glittered little fairy!
with marabou feathers and bling
& bling'ed out wand and shoes!

wouldn't be complete without a TUTU & feathers!

I just placed her tree on a cake pedestal (cake stand) to give it some height
 placed one of her tutu's around it,
 tucked it underneath to give it a "bubble" look
and then placed a pink marabou feather boa around the bottom for the 'skirt'!

It came out to be more of a little 'DIVA' tree...
but that's okay... because it fits the owner's personality! :)
& she LOVES it- especially at night!

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