Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Santa,

over the weekend I took Miss Priss to the mall to get her picture with Santa...
or at least that was the plan!
apparently Santa takes many breaks to "feed the reindeer's" 
& these reindeer's are very very hungry
because we kept missing him!
I still managed to get cute pictures & a memory that will forever stay with me of her
thanks to Macy's!

If you don't already know about the write your 'Wish List' to Santa at Macy's... 
they have a place set aside in the store for little ones to write out their wish lists 
and then mail it to the North Pole for Santa to read!
Which I totally forget about until we stumbled across it while shopping.
So of course Kenley had to do one... okay I had to do one for her!
 As I finished out her WL for Santa... I stood her by the big mail box to drop it in(a great photo op too)
and this all happen to be set up by the jewelry department
which Kenley noticed
because she took off straight to the jewelry cases!
I was such a proud Momma!
I wish I had it on video... but we do have it in pictures Thanks to Nonna!

and so here they are...

 posin' for Nonna!

 helping me write out her Wish List to Santa

 so excited! "are you watching Nonna...?"

 signing her name

 Dear Santa,
For my first Christmas I would like... 
a puppy
anything & everything in PINK!
a laptop like Mommy's
& lastly my two front teeth!

 with love

  holding on to her letter!

now here's come the funny part...

 ohhh JEWELRY! 



I'll take this one, and that one, and ...
That's my GIRL!

okay back to the wish list!

 just a wee bit short, so she needed Mommy's assistance!

sitting with her little Santa...
YES we turned Macy's into our own little photo shoot!
maybe I can just photo shop Santa in there!?

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