Monday, November 29, 2010

turkey,touchdowns,& tutus!

doing a quick weekend wrap up!

Kenley's first Thanksgiving was fabulous!
just like her tutu...
She LOVED the food... 
she ate, and ate, & ATE!
she even had dessert too!
{{her Thanksgiving "place card"}}

I wish Saturday would have been as fabulous...
can we please have Tebow back?!

Another thing that wasn't so fabulous...
walking in from going to the store(no wonder Nonna want to 'watch' her while I ran to the store for chips!)
to see my daughter in this...
(Nonna is an FSU fan)
I can't bring myself to post up the pictures where you can see the "fsu" part!
But you get the idea!

Orange&Blue martini & Garnet&Gold martini
(in case you are wondering that's orange sugar on the rim- NOT cheetos)
my drink came in handy
as did the shots...
me & Nonna made bets- shot for shot kind of bet-
for each td & fd's = 1 shot

I had A LOT of shots
(& I didn't even do all the ones I should have- by bet wise...shh!)
so it's a good thing it was yummy vodka!
for anyone who hasn't tried "whipped" vodka (by PINNACLE)
you must!

here's what it looks like...


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