Friday, August 26, 2016

This Week...

{Week of August 22-26, M-F}


Lots and lots of COFFEE, with a side of muffin ...

and learning how to use this cute new little laptop of ours...

(and yes, got it from Target, they had it on sale at a great price!)


Oh Tuesday, it was...
Enough, said!


My Betsey (Johnson) BOW Sandals came in,
 that I had been stalking the FedEx tracking website for...
(the second pair, after the failed first pair)

And yay oh yay, this pair was the perfect fit!

Learned more about our little laptop and fell in love with it....

Made and added a background, Miss Priss helped with adding some of our favorite pictures...


A big ole' cup of COFFEE

And then, later on in the day an iced coffee...

Yes, I think I do, drink more coffee than a Gilmore Girl! :)


{Friday Favorites}

& hope everyone has a happy weekend, too!

Enjoy it.


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