Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Night Before Our Girls Trip...

& I have a massive amount of clothing on my bed (not all shown)
trying to pick what to take on the trip... because, of course, I've waited until the very last minute to pack.

Never, ever fails. I always find myself waiting until the last minute.

Well, at least Miss Priss is all ahead on her school work, so no biggie now for the days she will miss.
Goodness, I'm really loving homeschooling! 

While out shopping for fish food the other day, her and I came across these cute cups...
which, I know, we did not need- but I was thinking they'd be perfect for our trip. So we had to pick some our for each of us... Miss Priss picked hers out...

We actually picked up 5, because one was just too cute to not get.

Below are each of our cups and I've labeled whose is whose...

We picked the "best day ever" one for my Grandmother, because her being back at Loretta's Ranch will be the Best Day Ever, every day we are there. :)

Miss Priss liked the cat one, so that one was hers!

The "# NEED A NAP" one will be perfect for my Momma, because she's driving during the Road Trip part.

And then the, "Bless This Hot Mess".... well that one is clearly mine! :)

Okay, I need to go finish packing so we will be ready tomorrow morning!

Tennessee, here we come!

P.S. if you see a car full of crazy ladies tomorrow-Monday, just smile and wave! :)


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