Friday, September 12, 2014

{GIRLS Trip to the BEACH}

in pictures...
 I'm FINALLY adding some pictures from our little beach trip from last weekend.
We had such a fun and fabulous time on our little trip!
(Even if it did rain on our last day)
First thing me and Miss Priss did after getting into our room...
take a "we are checked in and in our room" selfie...

Mermaid... check! Tutu the Turtle... check! & Eloise... check!

And then we changed for the beach, and someone enjoyed some cotton candy in her swimsuit...
cotton candy makes her happy!
and a margarita makes Momma happy...
Mommy & Gaga had a pre-beach happy hour!
(& yes, I used my wine sippy to go cup for my margarita, because I'm classy like that- ha!)

Ready for the BEACH!

Can you find my drink?!

Sand Love

(Miss Priss)

The gang is all here!


SO "Prissy", even when she holds her bucket.

Looking for shells...

finding some!

We had such a fun time and more memories made!


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