Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Last year my Mom and I took Prissy Pants to see the Princesses on Ice,
 and this year it's all about FROZEN! I totally forgot when the tickets went on sale, and by the time I remembered, that night, all the good seats were taken... so I didn't think we were going to be able to continue our little tradition, as last year. So instead, I started to plan a FROZEN Day... letting her wear her Elsa dress and shoes, then taking a trip to the mall (while listening to the Frozen cd, of course) to the Disney store and let her pick out something Frozen, and end it with ICE CREAM... because that's totally Frozen'ish! :)
On Wednesday night it was announced they were adding a show, for Thursday night...
so we were ready this time, and got tickets!
Prissy Pants is SO SO ecstatic about going...
I've already got her Elsa dress ready to go,
although she might want to be sleeping in it tonight! Ha!

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