Friday, March 14, 2014

Blog, Blog, Bloggin' Away...

Yes, for real this time, I mean I have an actual award for this little ole' blog so I guess I need to BLOG like a real blogger now, right?!  So I vow to make an effort to actually become a blogger,
and not just a part-time one! Ha!
So there's been A LOT to happen since I last blogged... and maybe one day soon I'll go back and put it all on here, but for now I'm going to keep it up-to-date things, that are currently going on.
One, I'm in the midst of opening up an online boutique {Très Chic Designs}, I know... FINALLY! It's only been like what, three plus years in the making now.... perfection takes time, no? :)


Two, it's been over a month since Prissy Pants turned FOUR!
That still isn't so easy to type out, let alone any easier to believe!
She wanted a "mermaid" party, and has still been in LOVE with Ariel, so her theme was Mermaid/Under The Sea/Ariel... well with touches of Ariel. It was very small and just us girls with Gaga (my Mom, not the singer-ha), but it turned out adorable and she loved it- she kept coming up to me as I was decorating and saying, "Thanks Mommy, I just love it"... which was just the sweetest thing and made my heart want to burst at the seams!  SO, I definitely have to do a special little post on her party, especially since she actually had one this year and we didn't just do Disney, like the past two years.
Three, this one is totally random, but today is PI Day... which is making me crave the other kind of pie... I swear I have a fat girl inside me, but sorry these extra curves I'm carrying are making me ignore  trying to ignore your sweet wants! And PS- we are so not friends!
Four, it's FRIDAY! Yay! I Hope everyone is having themselves a fab little Friday! (and if not, it's almost 5 o'clock) :)

(to it being Friday and on HHs&HBs award)


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