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The {Liebster Blog Award} is an award, awarded for up & coming bloggers who have under 200 followers. Apparently, "Liebster" is German for “beloved”.

{High Heels & Hair Bows} has been nominated by April, over at The Happy Cupcake ,
be sure and check out her lovely little blog and show it some love!
 I'm very honored for being nominated for this award & I accept it with LOVE!  



When I started this lil' ole blog it was mainly to document the daily life of my mini me, I liked the idea of having another outlet (besides her Baby Book) to put all of her moments and special events on, and too, it served as a place for my family and friends to stay updated!
And now, three years later, it still remains as such but with a bit more added to the pages!

There are rules attached to this award, the rules of the award are as follows:

{Rules of Liebster Award} 


1.) If you are nominated for the award & accept it, then you have won!


 2.) THANK the Blogger who nominated you and your blog for the award.  


3.) Write up a special blog post on your nomination and acceptance of the Liebster Award.


4.) In this blog post, add a brief explanation of what an Liebster Award is.

(for those who are not aware of this award)


5.) Link Up the Blogger who presented the award to you, in your blog post.


6.) Write 11 random facts about yourself.


7.) Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you. 


8.) Pass the award on by nominating 11 Blogs/Bloggers who you feel deserve the award! (with less than 200 followers) 


 9.) Create 11 questions for your nominees you nominate to answer.


 10.) Let your nominees know they have been chosen by: leaving a comment on their blog, emailing them OR  via an Instagram announcement.


11.) Lastly, do not forget to attach the Liebster Award badge to your blog!




 1.) I'm a combination (basically a "mutt") of: Irish, French & Native American.

 2.) I'm older than 20 yet younger than 30.

3.) I absolutely ADORE Audrey Hepburn!

4.) My favorite movie is 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'

5.) My favorite color is PINK... any shade really.

6.) I have really really dark brown eyes- so dark that my mini calls them "black".

7.) I LOVE milk and can drink it with anything- seriously anything!

8.) I'm from a small, small Southern town.

 9.) I've had TWO hearts in me at once... or well, for 9 months I did, while carrying my Prissy Pants! ❤

10.) I seriously think I could eat sushi every single day... a challenge I'd gladly accept if I could!

11.) And shop at Target every day too!

 (Oh wait, I pretty much already to! ha!)



 ELEVEN Questions from April to me:  


1.) If you knew you were going to be suddenly stranded on a desert island, and were only allowed to bring one item, what would it be? 

This question used to stress me out (only one item? but I do not look this way without some help and lots and lots of items)and terrify me, but now that I'm a Mommy I know what my answer is.... just a BIG & comfy bed... so I could finally catch up on my sleep! :) 


 2.) As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

 I actually have two answers to this one... 

 As a little girls I wanted to be a Mommy! I loved my dolls and took them everywhere with me... yeah, I was that little girl!

 Aside, from my strong Mommy desire, I also loved to play being a teacher.

 In fact, so much so, that I had my own little classroom (complete with a chalkboard) in my play house- where the little children in the neighborhood would "attend" class! ha!

Although, after taking back-to-back classes (after taking a year of a previous training course) my senior year in High School, where I actually got my first chance to be a teacher in our Pre-K program (a program that my HS offered to all the local children). But, it was actually from this very experience that changed my mind on becoming a teacher, I quickly decided that was not my dream after all. Now, don't get me wrong, I loved every minute of it (and do not regret doing it)- even the planning part- but, in the end it was just not what I envisioned it to be... I wanted to be a teacher, not a babysitter. I do not want to come off as sounding mean nor harsh here (and I'm well aware that I might be coming off that way), but after my experience it just really opened up my eyes to things... maybe I'm old fashioned, but I strongly believe there are just certain values that should be taught and learnt in the home, not a classroom... and it's those personal beliefs that ultimately became the reason behind it for me to not further my pursuit down the ECE path. I do have a GREAT amount of respect for teachers... well the good ones at least! ha! The others... well they are on their own! I know we've all had our fair share of "those" teachers!


3.) Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry?

 4.) Are you and outdoor or indoor person?
 I'm definitely more of an indoor person, but whenever I was younger I was always outdoors! *And I can't help but think of that "Some Cards" ... "I'm an outdoorsy type in the meaning of I like to get drunk out on the patio" haha SO agree with that and fits me kind of well, minus the drunk part, just a few glasses of wine please!
 5.) What made you want to start writing a blog?
My desire to start {HHs & HBs} was to have a place where I could share pictures & stories of my Prissy Pants with my friends and family- especially since most of my family live down South and we do not get to see them daily. 
 **And I also loved the idea that it was another outlet of keeping sweet memories that we can always go back and look through like a scrapbook.
 6.) If for one day, you could have unlimited access to the closet of your style icon (real or fictional), who would it be? 
 Oh goodness, without a doubt ... AUDREY HEPBURN!
I absolutely loved her style and also the style of her character in 'Breakfast At Tiffany's', Holly Golightly.
It might have been Coco Chanel who created the LBD, but it was Audrey as Holly Golightly (with help from Givenchy) who made the LBD what it is... even to this day!  But, aside from her glam character looks, I LOVED the every day Audrey look as well- she was so classic, even in comfy clothes, she always looked chic!
7.) Do you think the early bird gets the worm? Or are you a night owl?

 I think it's true, the early bird does get the worm... but, the night owl gets WINE! (haha I couldn't resist that one) 
I'd rather prefer wine over a worm, so that makes me a "night owl"- I wish I could be a morning gal, but I'm just not. THANK GOD for COFFEE!

 8.) Where is your favorite vacation spot or place you would most like to vacation?

Okay so, I'm going to answer both of these...

 My favorite vacation spot, keep in mind I'm a Momma, would definitely be Walt Disney World! Although, for us it's not really a vacation since we live only about thirty minutes away- but, from time to time we do plan out little mini vacay's and stay at the resorts (and totally pretend we are tourists- ha!), it's so much nicer than driving back home- I do admit! And, I'll also admit, going to WDW as a Mommy, & seeing it through my daughters eyes is the BEST thing! However, the overpriced prices on things of theirs not so much- but, in the end it's worth it to see my mini's face light up!
(& plus, they now have Sbux, so for me, it's NOW the Happiest Place On Earth!)
 Part II of the question... 
I would most like to vacation in PARIS... and one day it will happen!
Me and my mini LOVE Paris and the Eiffel Tower, so actually if and when we do go and visit- I'm not so sure if we'd want to come back home! Ha! Perhaps my "Prince Charming" is waiting for us there... ohh now I want to go even more!
9.) Favorite food to make? And favorite food to eat?
My all time favorite food to make would have to a tie between mine and Miss Priss' favorite Pasta or Shepard's Pie, and of course, both served with some good cheesy garlic bread! Yeah, we are carb lovers! :)  And my favorite food to eat... okay, this is another toughie, because I seriously LOVE food... all food... Italian, Mexican, sushi, pizza, pasta (okay I know, those are both Italian foods but I have to list em), cheeseburgers (with French fries, or just French fries by themselves), and good ole' Southern food too... because that's my comfort food and instantly takes me back to my childhood! So yeah, I didn't really answer this question- just listed my favorites instead of favorite- but I can't pick just one, to me that's like asking a Mother of more than one child which child is her favorite... ha!
10.) Favorite book? Or movie?
Favorite book... again, that's a really hard one for me to pick (I know I'm noticing a trend here too, I have an issue with choosing a favorite), but thankfully I have an out because of the second question and that one is not hard for me to pick at all...
hands down my favorite movie is BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S! "BAT", was the first ever Audrey movie I watched and I instantly fell in love with it and her!
 11.) What's your all time favorite craft that you have made during your lifetime?
Oh goodness gracious... my all time favorite during my lifetime... hmmm.... Okay, I got it! I've made a lot of things throughout my life, but a craft, I'll have to go with Miss Priss' pacifier holder clips! She was gifted many at her shower and I didn't really like how plain they were, so I decided to "frou frou" them up a bit, and they turned out SO SO cute- so yes, they are definitely my favorites!

Eleven Questions to My Nominees:
1.) Where do you blog from? (home, office, etc)
 2.) How did you start blogging/become a blogger?
3.) Who is your style icon?
(or top 3 or 5 if it's too hard to pick just one)
4.) If you won the lottery, what would be the first three things you'd buy?
5.) What's a 'Guilty Pleasure' you enjoy?
(don't worry, I have plenty so no judging from me) :)

6.) If you could travel anywhere, without worry of the expense, where would it be and why?

7.) One of your favorite childhood memories, and why?

8.) What's your all time favorite meal- to make or order! ha!

9.) Again, with no worry of expense, if you could create your dream job what would it be?
(or perhaps you are already doing it, & if so, just share what it is)

10.) Your favorite color?

11.) What is your absolute favorite show out right now?
(Or, if you aren't a show gal, what movie? OR book?)
ELEVEN Bloggers I Nominate:
{Sorry in advanced if any of you have been nominated previously}
1.) Karen, from Karen It's My Life {my Momma}
2.) Heather, from Stacks of Life {coming soon}
4.) Whitney, from Polished & Pink
5.) Kathryn, from Maley Party of Five
8.) Tracy, from Ruffle Tuesday
9.) Sandae, from Curvy Girl On The Run
10.) Maggie, from Maggie Elizabeth
11.) Michelle, from Sprinkled With Love

All these lovely ladies are also on Instagram too, if you'd like to follow them:
1.) KarenItsMyLife
2.) HStacks & CStacksSquared and the blog IG- StacksOfLife
3.) OnAMissionInHighHeels
4.) WhitNichols
5.) K_May777
6.) FutureMrsEmbry
7.) AmyHHowell
8.) RuffleTuesday
9.) CurvyGirlOnTheRun
10.) Maggielizabeth77
11.) MissMichelle182



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