Thursday, October 6, 2011

Prissy pants ♥

this post is ALL about my little Prissy pants!


On our way back home from North Carolina, 
Prissy was playing "peek a boo", and I was saying "BOO" every time she would lower her blanket from her face, and then she just said BOO too!

perfect timing with Halloween coming up!

I asked her if she had, sorry there is no cute or nice way to say this,
"poo'ed" and she did her little routine of pointing down to her diaper and making a face, BUT this time she  repeated me and said "yucky"- which I think she picked up from her cousin during our NC trip!

I feel like we are on the edge of many more words to come!
(or at least I HOPE we are!)

Other than saying more than "baby talk" she is still a LOVER of...


*Watching MOVIES

*Goldfish (the snack)

*Being a TOTAL PRISS and walking around in heels
(YES, heels! I'm a proud Momma) and carrying purses
*Giving "LOVE" and Kisses (and saying "Mum" when she does)


*Getting into JEWELRY and wearing it!

*Putting $$ into her piggy banks!
*Chasing Angel around the house


*Going on walks with Mommy

*Getting into EVERYTHING (especially Mommy's PURSE and wallet)


*having Girls Days and DIVA (spa) Days


*Making MESSES
 {{her bath necessities- bath rose petals}}

 {{Steak N' Shakes Happy Hour!}}



*Happy Meals!

*Being outside, having Pool Days!

*Going to Starbucks and getting her "coffee drink" like Mommy!
 {{which is just a "Double Chocolaty Chip Frapp"}}

*Especially her little Doggie "Prissy"

*Hello Kitty

*Her baby dolls


I feel my little Prissy pants is becoming such a little girl, 
and while it's bittersweet, I'm loving every minute of it
(well maybe not the minutes where we have meltdowns!) :)

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