Friday, October 7, 2011

a much needed "Mommy Juice" night

so yesterday I shared that we were going to have a Girls Night with Nonna...
it wasn't really our typical "Girls Night", but there was a few glasses of "Mommy Juice"!

and before putting Miss Prissy pants to bed, 
I decided to take a shot at the whole Potty thing, 
which I am SO glad that I did... read the Potty Post {{Potty Update}}! :)

anyways back to the "Mommy Juice"...

{{mine & my Mom's glasses}}

(please note that apparently all the normal size wine glasses were in the dishwasher, 
therefore Nonna's tiny glass makes mine look like a GIANT glass)

I don't know if it's because now that I'm a Mommy that I can no longer finish a glass  
or if it's because I'm old OR maybe it's both?!
Either or, or both, it's a pretty sad thing- 
Ohh well, that just means MORE wine for PIZZA night tonight!
{{I choose to see the glass half full, which in my case it is, or was}}

CHEERS to the weekend!

with LOVE,

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