Wednesday, September 7, 2011


{{The Rachel Zoe Project}}

okay so last night was the season premiere!

I actually fell asleep with Prissy pants, BUT I made sure to have it set to record,
just in case such an event happened! :)

Can I just say ... I LOVE her!

I do, however, wish she would eat a BIG hamburger though!
BUT girl can dress, and I LOVE her hair and heels!
but anyways- back to the show!

I LOVED whenever she was honest and let us know how 
she felt whenever she found out she was having a boy..

"I found out I was having a boy and I cried for a week. Or two. Maybe three"

But then she found cute boy clothes and got over it! haha
LOVE her!

I guess to most, that seems really mean, selfish and even a bit vain-
but I know where she's coming from on it.
I too, would have been disappointed if I found out I were having a boy.
Not that I wouldn't of loved having a little boy, because if Prissy pants would have been a boy-
I would have loved him the same!
BUT I just LOVE having a little girl!
And Thank God for giving me a little girl and not a boy,
b/c I'm not sure I would know what to do with a little boy!

I am lucky enough to get to live out having a little boy through my nephew! :)

Can't wait until next Tuesday night!

with LOVE,

here's a recap of the episode on the Purse Blog

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