Thursday, September 8, 2011

Totsy LOVE ♥

So a few weeks ago, Totsy had MUDPIE things on their site,
I'm OBSESSED and in LOVE with their stuff
SO I of course got Prissy pants a couple things!
{{a blanket & sippy cup}}

AND today it finally arrived!

that is the only thing about Totsy that I do NOT love- the shipping process- it takes FOREVER to get,
BUT whenever it does finally arrive, it's a little like Christmas!

Yes, that's an "h" monogram on the blanket, I chose the "h" b/c they were out of the "k"'s
and I really LOVED the blanket, besides our last name starts with an "h" so it's fitting!

Prissy pants using her new sippy cup!

***Please excuse her super-low-wearing-headband

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