Monday, June 20, 2011

NOT Me Monday

{{confession session}}

the one about my favorite shows...

*I did not just catch up on part 2 of the O.C. Housewives... NO, not me!
oh and can I just say type... "TEAM Gretchen, Alexis, & Jeana!"
still NOT a fan of the newbie!
*I am not beyond ecstatic, of the return of PLL {{Pretty Little Liars}}... NO, not me!
although I was not able to finish all of it due to DirecTV- apparently it was raining whenever this premiered- b/c it alerted me at the beginning it did not record all of it- and sure enough- the last 15 minutes- GONE!
{{sometimes I really do not like DirecTV!}}

SHORT & SWEET today!

HOPE it's a wonderful Monday for everyone!

with LOVE,

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