Monday, June 20, 2011

My Sweet Sweet Baby...

well I guess technically I'm not suppose to be calling her "baby" anymore
instead I'm suppose to be calling her a "toddler"... or according to Gerber, and all my Mommy magazines...
Sorry, she's still and forever will be my BABY!

this little post, is really for myself
there are some things that my Prissy pants has been doing lately and I just don't want to forget them!

*Whenever I pick her up- she puts her arms around my neck and squeezes me with a hug!
{{LOVE this!}}
and just yesterday, she patted my back- like I do hers... ahhh!
she has done this to her baby dolls- but yesterday was the first time she did it to me!

*She is now "properly" waving 'Hello' & 'Goodbye'
(although I prefer her old wave)

*Can say "dog" & "duck"- although they both sound about the same!
(she LOVES dogs!)

*Whenever she comes up behind me whenever I'm cooking  and wraps both of her arms around my legs!
(it is the SWEETEST thing!)

*She LOVES trying on & walking in Mommy's shoes...
and she does a pretty good job at it if I do say myself!
{{Nonna got her a pair of "fake" high heels & she is OBSESSED with them- 
although her feet are too tiny for them and she gets SO upset when her feet won't stay in them!}}
She is definitely my 'Mini Me'!

*She "feeds" her piggy (piggy bank) whenever she finds change or is given change-
it is the cutest thing! I'll just say go feed your piggy and off she goes to her room!

*She's still LOVING...
(her favorites)

{{such the little 'Chocoholic"- like her Momma, & Nonna too!}}
*Goldfish... or "fishies"
*Teddy Grahams 

{{things to do}}
*reading her books
(or well, flipping the pages, while I read to her)
her favorite is STILL the Princess book...
"I'm Going to be the Best Princess Ever"
Thankfully I know ALL the words- so she can do her favorite thing ( turn the pages)
without letting me see the words on the pages!

*having 'Pool Days'
she is for sure a "water baby"!

*getting in her stroller for walks in the neighborhood!
(although these have been short and few lately due to the extreme heat!)

*playing "Mommy" to her babies!
-pushing her favorite in her baby stroller
*playing Chef!

*Making MESSES!  haha 
(this is her FAVORITE)

*Helping Mommy unload the dishwasher- 
I don't know why she LOVES this SO much?!
(my guess is, when old enough she'll start to despise this)

*Playing with 'Angel' and chasing her around!

*When Mommy paints her toes!
(she knows the drill, and starts to blow on them with me to let them dry!)

I'm sure I have forgotten a few...
she's just at that stage now, where it's something new every day! 

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