Friday, May 20, 2011

have your CAKE & ...

Eat It  Ice Cream too!

I was beyond ecstatic when I saw/heard one of the newest flavors
from Ben & Jerry's was 'Red Velvet Cake"!
Me being the 'Chocoholic' that I am, RVC is a favorite of mine!
and I LOVE me some B&J's 
$4 is just a bit too much, SORRY!
{{even if it is my favorite ice cream and favorite cake}}
I mean, they could at least make it bigger for that price!

I was very excited to see that
Chef Duff Goldman
{{Celebrity Cake Creator Extraordinaire}}
from Food Network's 'Ace of Cakes' & owner of 'Charm City Cakes'
has partnered up with 'Blue Bunny' & has created four fun new ice cream flavors!

First one being, you guessed it, Red Velvet Cake... or
"Red Carpet Red Velvet Cake"

red velvet cake flavored ice cream swirled with cream cheese frosting flavored ice cream 
& red velvet cake pieces!
"Chocolate Lovers Triple Chocolate Cake"
 decadent chocolate ice cream served up with fudgy chocolate cake pieces 
& dressed in ribbons of thick, chocolate frosting!
"I Do! I Do! Wedding Cake"
celebrate the marriage of sweet buttercream frosting ice cream & white cake pieces 
all wrapped up in delicate ribbons of raspberry sauce!
"Strawberries are Forever Shortcake"
the sweet taste of strawberry ice cream and real strawberries 
mixed with pound cake pieces & swirls of whipped cream frosting!
I seriously want to try them ALL!
{{this may be a very very bad discovery I made after all!}}
and right before 'swimsuit season' too!
on the plus side, I already have to wear a one-piece as is... 
SO that should cover up ice cream, right?


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