Friday, May 6, 2011

the day of the Derby!

roses, bourbon, & must be Derby time!
I am not from Kentucky, 
but I am a Southern girl and I love any excuse to get all dressed up...
especially in heels and hats!
So while doing some research for party ideas, I learned a few things about this American institution.  
First, the locals don’t call it “the Kentucky Derby” but rather Derby or Derby Week
Secondly, it’s a holiday in Louisville, 
to the point where complete strangers wish each other “Happy Derby!” the day of the race. 
Lastly, "the Derby" refers to only one of many races held that day
This is probably obvious to those who follow horse racing, 
but then, I’ve always been the sort who is more interested in the fashion then the horsies! 
I’m more about the social events surrounding the event rather than the contest itself.
{{when it comes to this sport, but whenever it's College Football- that's a different story!}}

Happily, the Derby presents social opportunities even if you’re not in Louisville.  
SO if you can’t make it to Churchill Downs yourself, like me,
you can still be a part of it and throw a fab little party & watch!

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