Monday, February 6, 2017

Can we restart the weekend over? Please!

So this weekend, while everyone else was having football parties, 
me and the mini went shopping for PARTY SUPPLIES for her party this Saturday.
And, it was so great! We basically had most of the stores we went in all to ourselves, no lie!

Y'all, I cannot believe I'm going to have a SEVEN year old in less than 7 days!

Seriously, where does the time go?!

But, back to our little shopping day...
since I knew we'd be out and about I decided to also have a "Mommy & Miss Priss Day", too!

While this M&MP Day wasn't as fun as our last one (Movie Day, Shopping, & Sbux Date),
 it was still pretty exciting shopping for her BIRTHDAY party.

Miss Panda had to come along too!

At our favorite crafty store!

At her favorite place, getting CANDY!


Last stop was TARGET, so we had a little Starbucks Date, too!

While sitting at our little table checking things off of our lists, 
there were three ladies in line who made their way over to us...
One had to tell Kenley how fabulous her tutu was and then the other two joined...
 One was a Momma to a little boy but her friend was telling her (while in line) that if she was ever going to have a little girl, that her little would be just like Kenley! :)
They were so nice and sweet & we chatted long after they had grabbed their coffees. 

After our little Sbux Date, we went to see if we could find a "7" candle in Target, with no luck.
Apparently there's a lot of littles turning 7, because this is store No. 3 we've been to with no luck.

With no candle in hand, we somehow managed to get out of Target without a cartful of things... I am not sure how this happened, maybe we were exhausted from all the previous shopping.

Well a pair of sunglasses did end up coming home with me, they were clearanced and Miss Priss approved, but I actually think they're going back- loved them in the store, yet at home I'm now thinking..... no.

I blame the Sbux coffee high, on that one!

So another fun filled 'Mommy & Miss Priss Day', and we got a lot of things crossed off of our lists (yes, there's more than one list) for her party.

Now I'm going to go pour a glass of wine, and let the official party preppin' begin...

there shall be lots of gold glitter sparklin' everywhere! ha!


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