Sunday, June 8, 2014

Girls Trip to Tallahassee {Part I}


Since "Gaga" had to do a work trip in our capitol, we decided to go along too and turn it into a GIRLS TRIP!
I have to say, with me being a "Gator Girl" and all I wasn't too excited about going to Tallahassee... but I was excited to see our capitol and tour it with my mini!
The day before our trip, I posted a few funnies on my IG of the packing process for Prissy Pants & I...


Even Miss Eloise got in on the Gator Love too...

That Eloise, she's one smart girl! :)


Okay, back to our Tally Trip...

It was an all girl trip, including myself, Miss Priss, my Mom and her Mother.
(Oh, and Eloise too)

While Gaga was shopping in one of her favorite FSU shops (yes, it was complete torture for me), I found a shirt that summed up our little trip perfectly...
We had such a fun little trip, & I LOVE that Prissy Pants got to make special memories with my Mom and my Grandmother too... definitely a trip that I'll never forget!

And I know, Prissy Pants won't either- she absolutely loved touring our capitol- more than I ever thought she would and she also got her first pet there too... I know, I know, only we would get a pet during a vacay with a long road trip back home, but we did! :)

SO this Gator Girl, will always have a special little love for Tallahassee... just not the fsu part! ha!

Stay tuned to see what we welcomed into our little family!

PART II, of our Girls Trip to Tally coming soon!

With Love,


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